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Sharecare, a unique, new digital platform allows the integration of all your health in one place. EHS along with Sharecare is developing an Australianised version that will deliver this first of its kind digital health platform to Australia. It will bring together all the key aspects of your wellbeing (physical and mental) into the one central and easily accessible location.

A user’s journey starts with the completion of the RealAge® Test, a scientifically-based assessment assessing a variety of behaviours and existing conditions to show users the true age of their body. This is the first step toward optimising health, arming users with the information on how their lifestyle choices help them stay younger – or make them age faster– than their calendar age.

Sharecare was established in 2010 by digital health pioneer Jeff Arnold and was developed in partnership with Harpo Studios, Sony Picture Television and Discovery. With entire States achieving success with Sharecare in the US, along with large companies such as Walmart, EHS and Sharecare are excited to bring this unique platform to the Australian population.

How does it work?

Once users complete the RealAge® test, they receive their RealAge® results as well as specific recommendations for improving their RealAge® and ways to mitigate identified risk factors. They have access to expert resources, personalised and relevant topics, articles, videos and in-built health trackers on key health areas such as exercise, nutrition, stress and sleep, and more, making it easier for users to make the right choice every day.


Participants are incentivised by being awarded Green Days for positive change (Green Days are the Sharecare health currency used to measure progress towards health improvement) which in turn results in positive results not only for the individuals but also for organisations. The more Green Days an individual achieves, the younger their RealAge® should become, enabling them to live in the green. Companies can choose to incentivise individuals for achieving healthy behaviours through engaging in the platform. These incentives can be connected to an organisation’s existing health and well-being initiatives.

How will my organisation benefit?

Analysis of EHS’s unique data set of 70,000 health assessment records, shows us that each industry is faced with specific health challenges within their employee population, and that each company has their own health risk profile. This suggests the importance of implementing customisable workplace health solutions such as the Sharecare platform.

Through using Sharecare, organisations can gain a clear picture of the health risks their employees face and address company specific health trends with the real time data provided by the Sharecare platform. When rolled out to an entire organisation, Sharecare reporting allows companies to review valuable data on tracker results (e.g. stress levels, physical activity habits) as well as the type of content participants are engaged in. Organisations may also customise their Sharecare program through providing unique challenges and rewards based on health risks identified to achieve real measurable health outcomes.

Features and Functionality

There are a number of integrated functions and features that enable users to go from assessment to action, and to connect to the personalised information, evidence-based programs, benefits, community resources and health services they need to live their best lives. These include:

RealAge Test – The First Step to Growing Younger

A scientifically-based assessment tool that shows your true age based on your current health and lifestyle – the first step toward awareness and making change.

Earn Green Days – The Health Currency

An incentive strategy rewarding people’s behaviours and achievements. Incentives are proven to lead to positive behaviour change and is a proven method to drive user engagement. Sharecare’s approach focuses on strategic activities and rewards that are tailored to the individual and easy to understand. Personalised content and communications educate and engage users to sustain participation over time.

RealAge Program – Small Steps Towards Lasting Change

This program aims to facilitate participants to achieve their goals and improve their RealAge score. Once the participant chooses the health goal they would like to prioritise, weekly goal and program achievement tip reminders are provided based on the individuals engagement and goal attainment level, so it is dynamic and highly personalised.

Health Profile – All Your Health in One Safe Place

When it comes to healthcare needs, many people make poor health choices because they aren’t sure where to go or what to do. Sharecare has made that easier through the health profile, a personal health record, serving as a living, breathing, evolving story of a user’s health. Controlled by the user, the health profile is one place for individuals to store and access their biometrics and health data at any time.

Challenges – Stay motivated to Achieve your Health Goals

These are used ultimately to assist people to achieve their goals and lower their RealAge score. Challenges may be tailored to an organisations health and wellness goals and could include sleep, stress, relationships and more. Challenges can work in conjunction with available resources, tracker function and green day incentives ultimately aiming to motivate participants to achieve their goals.

Triggered Event Cards – Personalised Engagement through Health and Wellness

Event cards can be tailored and personalised to display on a participant’s timeline using Sharecare’s customised reporting. These event cards can be tailored and segmented to groups to personalise the engagement experience.  Event cards are designed to contain relevant information that a company may wish to promote to support an individual in the health journey. For example, a company may select to target an event card promoting an EAP program or a stress management seminar to individuals whose trackers are returning high stress results. It is another example of how Sharecare can innovatively unite and support existing health and well-being initiatives.

Trackers – Small Steps can Lead to Big Change

A range of health trackers are used in Sharecare for participants to complete each day.  These include automatic trackers such as steps, stress and sleep, as well as self-reported trackers on diet, fitness, weight, nutrition, relationships, alcohol, medication compliance, blood pressure and cholesterol. Each health indicator is rated daily in real time on a colour scale from green to red, green being optimal. The trackers aims to guide individuals to earn a Green Day and lower their RealAge. Once 60 green days are earned within a 90 day window, participants are prompted to recalculate the RealAge to see how their health has improved.

Inspirations | 360 Health – Reduce Stress and Improved Relaxation

Most Australians experience stress at some point in their lives. Overtime, stress can impact productivity, physical health, emotional health, quality of sleep, and more. In fact, stress and sleep are two of the thirteen core health factors that influence your health and your RealAge®, your body’s true age, the most.

Inspirations and Relax 360°, accessible through Sharecare in the palm of your hand, provide relaxation and wellness videos that empower users to find stillness and peace in their everyday life to reduce stress.

Health expert resources – Making Health the Easy Choice

The platform offers the means to have access to Sharecare experts including doctors and health professionals from all over the country— through their articles, videos, blogs, programs, and assessments.  Sharecare also offers a variety of ‘high tech, high touch’ programs to support employees in their life stage and health journey to live longer happier lives, making healthy the easy choice. 


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